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11 December 2005 @ 10:01 pm
im really sad i dont update my journal anymore. so heres one. work fucking sucked today, it was so damned busy and that stupid freshman peter did absolutely nothing. um...thats all i have to say. but i really like reading all my old entries, sometimes i laugh because i think im funny. sometimes i think 'why the fuck would i write that?'
i have no idea what i want for christmas, or what to write on the secret santa thing. my mom told me she almost bought me an iPod, and i told her to be glad she didnt, becuase i dont really feel i need one, it would be cool, but i really dont need one. my moms all mad at me because i keep telling her i dont want anything for christmas. "you cant come downstairs and not see anything under the tree!" she seriously gets mad. and she better not buy me clothes, because when she buys me clothes on christmas, i usually tell her i want to return it all, then i feel like i hurt her feelings, which i probably dont, but what ever.
im expecting a letter from central anyday now, i would think i would get in. unless they dont like the fact that i dropped spanish...whoops. theres always wayne, and western, i could still apply there.
so yeah, apparently im failing math...? i only failed one test, that cant be possible, i didnt even fail it that badly, and everything else has been b's.
but i really like physics right now, its my favorite class. I think its funny that i dont get any of it until the review day and then i get an A++++ on my test. thats why i like physics. and Mr. McGuire is sweet.
i realize that im going to be buying presents for my person i have for secret santa....my secret santee. but, i wish i had someone to buy for that i could really put some thought into a gift. this is the first christmas i have my own money, and now i dont have anyone to spend it on. i love all of my friends and everything, but its really not enough, i want someone to be close to. that sounds sorta selfish. it blows.
anyway, taking notes for ap psych and practicing my sax for our quartet (which is sweet) is all i have been doing since i got home. nothing is on tv, and my mom is mad because i dont spend 4 hours on my homework like my cousins. well...this has been fun. i can get into this again, isnt it sorta neat though, how i went almost a year without updating? sweet. and i really want to take more pictures with peoples decorations. but apparently us friends never hang out anymore? ......... so on a scale of one to 10 id say life is an 8 (10 being the highest) i cant wait for break.

mmm break.

ohohohohoh...ha, mr mcguire
23 October 2005 @ 05:36 pm
Holy Crap, UPDATE! This is worthy though, and will answer a lot of questions.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com See that little grey spot in the middle of the....spot...I dont know... Anyway, we were to the right of that.
18 December 2004 @ 11:07 pm
So, this is the second night of Me, Gennas, and Kristens adventures, the other pictures I didnt take with a digital camera, but they're getting developed right now. But anyway, here's these...

We just go around and find really decorated houses and pose with the lawn decorations.

That one's just ugly...ha

04 December 2004 @ 08:42 am
So, I woke up this morning with a little sore throat, thought nothing of it because I sometimes get a sore throat because my mouth is so dry.

I had to check to make sure my tonsil was not black, and it wasnt.

So...I feels like I have a ll this snot in the back of my throat that I cant cough up.

I couldnt figure out what it was...

I go downstairs and ask my mom to look...ok...so my little dingly thing in the back of my throat is all swollen and has a little red spot on it...Im freaking out, I really dont want to wake up tomorrow and get rushed to the emergency room, with a black dingly thing.

So Im going today.

What is that thing called anyway?

Last night was so much fun though, we all sa around and watched Degrass and RFR and GVB then we all just hung out in the living room and played this really fun game where, one person thinks of something, and everyone has to guess what it is. It sounds sorta stupid, but its so simple and fun. People are just asking you yes or no questions, and they have to guess whatever you are thinking of.

Chelsea and Steve left after GVB because Chelsea had to be home, because she had to drive back to her house, and it was SUPPOSED to snow.

Shes very cool, Chelsea, shes hilarious.

SOOOOOOOOOOO....Right now I have to get ready to go break my back some more and help pass out fruit!

Im so SORE!
29 November 2004 @ 04:02 pm

R.I.P. 11-29-04
10 October 2004 @ 12:08 am
Ok, Ill update.

but im too tired to use correct puntuation and things liek that so...yeah

this night was hilarious, first off i had my block party and it was a lot of fun. we were dancing eating and genna was there for a while but she had to babysit so she left.

best part of the night....sorry.....but i have no choice but to say it truly was.

and genna, youll probably find this out from jarred, or already have....so yeah

so we drive around for about 1 HOUR trying to find a place to toilet paper, we have about 10 rolls to use and we couldnt find a house with no light on, so finally we're like, what the hell, lets just do gennas because even if they found out it was us, it would still be really funny.

so we're going completely crazy toiletpapering and the entire front yard is basically tashed, so we now have to "chalk" her. write stuff on her driveway.

so im sitting there in the light, and i didnt want to be seen so i move out of the way, then kristen comes running and shes like, THE DOOR!

so we get behind the tree and im looking and i didnt see anyone, then i look again and i see this forehead pressed against the living room window looking out.

then i look again, and jarred is standing on the front porch and kristen goes "I THINK HE SAW ME!"

and i look one last time and he wasnt there so i was like, oh shit, fuck this, i took off running as fast as i could and i yell to kristen, COME PICK ME UP!

so im like half way down the block and i stop and look back and jarred is fucking sprinting towards me, its like what i have in my nightmares where people are just running towards you to kill you. so any way, i was like, yeah, thats jarred..."IT CAN ONLY BE JARRED" sorry...had to say it...anyway

So i stop and hes like "you better clean that up!" hahahhaa it was so good though! so we kept walking back, and hes telling me that his dad yelled form upstairs to go get whoever is toilet-papering their house.

my god it was hilarious, we were just so bored we had to do something.

oh, i forgot this, while we were in the process of toilet-papering, hilary lays on the horn in kristens car and me kristen and colleen DIVE into the bushes because we thought someone was coming, i think i dove into those bushes a total of 5 times, i was scared shitless.

oh this was funny too, we were driving home and hilary looks at korals house (who by the way is coming back at the end of october) and shes like "OMG we have to drive by her house again! I saw someone in there!"

so we drive by it again, and we're looking and we didnt see anything, then this manniqeuien (sp) pops out of no where and we all scream at the top of our lungs

ah, wow, that was just a great night, ive never laughed so hard in the car, enrique, leaving toilet paper trails, david baldwins house, saying CHUU-WOOP to people as we drive by, it was great.

next time we're going forking but we need to drive to costco and but like 1500 forks for like 20 bucks and we can have so much fun with that, oh man.

so yeah, my eyes and feeling awfully heavy i cant wait to talk to genna about this tomorrow morning.

im calling her bright and squirrly.

30 September 2004 @ 01:18 pm
We have a really ugly sub...shes...ugly. And waddles.

Pep band was so fun last night, we were marching, and it was awesome. Its so much fun, and so easy, I want to be in a marching band, that would be so much fun. Like at Michigan State or something. I want to go to college...badly.

"What if I was a midget" - Alyssa....right now...

"What if we were friends in 5th grade and I just stopped growing"

Shes so random.

Ass Burgers.

Anyway, Band is going so well this year I am just so happy with everything thats going on. Jazz band is great. Pep band is great. Regular band is great, 1st chair thank you very much. Ahem. and Full orchestra will be fun, once I learn how to play the damned song.

Also I cant wait until solo and ensemble, thats always a lot of fun, I hope its in a fun place this year...

Like Rochester again, that was fun, Royal oak was a lot of fun too, after states.

28 September 2004 @ 09:33 am
Im in Us History anad im done with my packet, so what the hell, why not update, its been long enough.


yeah nothing new, jazz band was fun, i actually enjoyed it, that doesnt happen very often. But actually im really "bummed" alex isnt in it, psh, he was the one i talked to, as was peter. and now neither of them are in it, so now i have to be annoyed by martin. he never shuts up.

It seems like i never go on the computer anymore, my mom wont let me on during the week because of homework and everything but i manage to sneak on everyonce in a while.

I dont even care that much anymore, its like when I got rid of my computer for 2 weeks, and i thought i would suffer without it, but its really not that bad, actually, its probably helping me.

My chem lab....i hope....is complete, i did most of it last night and i was just like, what the hell, mackenzie needs to do SOME work, so i sent it to her, if she didnt do it im going to be pissed.

I really dont like mrs beyerlein that much, shes funny sometimes, but shes kinda too crazy, like theres really something wrong. at first i thought about switching into honors, but i dont think im going to do that, then all my tests would be useless. ha.

I cant wait til this friday, its the North South football game, and the pep band made locker signs its going to be great. The trumpets one is really mean though. Theres a yellow visor, and we wrote TRUMPET on it, then it says BUZZ! really big. hopefully he'll just laugh about it. yeah right.

He was so annoying in the car that one time, my god.

"So what are you going to do for two hours?"


Ha, if you dont know who im talking about...then....yeah, you dont need to know.

the bell's going to ring...im going....
25 September 2004 @ 03:39 pm
If LJ Was a Bar by Karen_Walker
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Thats hilarious.
25 September 2004 @ 11:55 am
Which Broadway Musical Are You Destined to perform in?
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Broadway MusicalThe Music Man
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Yesterday was just a great day, I found out I made Jazz Band and Im 2nd chair, and Im going to seen be first chair. I cant wait.
Hopefully Pam will get to move up to.

My god, yesterday at lunch, I cant even describe how funny that was, I dont think I was really THAT embarrassed, I was just in shock and couldnt believe she actually did it. That was so funny.

Last night was funny, too, Taco Bell and Heavyweights, can it get any better?

Ok thats my update, deal with it.